They say, Not all Green in Life are beautiful.. well, they may be right. There is “Phlegm” which is color green and i know its Eww. Like the “Blood of Aliens”, it may be like a color green too and its yuck. But whatever gross things rolling in your mind referring to GREEN it will not change my craziness in GREEN, i meant for the color GREEN. Coz for me, Green is nature, beautiful flowers with fresh leaves and butterflies playing around. Dragon Flies, Humming Birds, Bees are flying up high till they reach their destinations. And Green is stands for Freshness. Like a “Mint” chocolate (my fave.), The well known cocktail “Mojito”(love it), different kinds of fruit shake (“I” like), flavors of ice cream (yum), cool breeze, nail polish, etc. so tell me, when you see color green, what’s playing in your mind? ;D

in short I love color Green... =)
A balanced diet is CHOCOLATE in both HANDS *meimei
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